The Gasson One-Name Study

Ardingly, Sussex


Tree: Gasson 1901 UK census

Latitude: 51.0483649, Longitude: -0.0778840

Tree: Gasson 1891 UK census

Latitude: 51.0483649, Longitude: -0.0778840


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gasson, ?  1881Ardingly, Sussex I529
2 Gasson, ?  1881Ardingly, Sussex I529
3 Gasson, Annie R  1900Ardingly, Sussex I1640
4 Gasson, Arthur  1879Ardingly, Sussex I1605
5 Gasson, Arthur Ernest  1879Ardingly, Sussex I525
6 Gasson, Arthur Ernest  1879Ardingly, Sussex I525
7 Gasson, Ellen  1852Ardingly, Sussex I1587
8 Gasson, Kate E  1889Ardingly, Sussex I1662
9 Gasson, Marion  1879Ardingly, Sussex I530
10 Gasson, Marion  1879Ardingly, Sussex I1727
11 Gasson, Marion  1879Ardingly, Sussex I530
12 Gasson, Percy  1881Ardingly, Sussex I1630
13 Gasson, Rose  1876Ardingly, Sussex I532
14 Gasson, Rose  1876Ardingly, Sussex I1631
15 Gasson, Rose  1876Ardingly, Sussex I532