The Gasson One-Name Study

Sundridge, Kent


Tree: Gasson 1901 UK census
Latitude: 51.2782780, Longitude: 0.1278650

Tree: Gasson 1891 UK census
Latitude: 51.2782780, Longitude: 0.1278650


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gasson, A H  1871Sundridge, Kent I1135
2 Gasson, Alice  1876Sundridge, Kent I222
3 Gasson, Alice  1876Sundridge, Kent I222
4 Gasson, Archy  1894Sundridge, Kent I1299
5 Gasson, George  1850Sundridge, Kent I220
6 Gasson, George  1850Sundridge, Kent I1296
7 Gasson, George  1850Sundridge, Kent I220
8 Gasson, Gilbert  1893Sundridge, Kent I1305
9 Gasson, James Thomas  1891Sundridge, Kent I206
10 Gasson, James Thomas  1891Sundridge, Kent I206
11 Gasson, Lily  1881Sundridge, Kent I224
12 Gasson, Lily  1881Sundridge, Kent I1300
13 Gasson, Lily  1881Sundridge, Kent I224
14 Gasson, Mary  1867Sundridge, Kent I205
15 Gasson, Mary  1867Sundridge, Kent I205
16 Gasson, Mary Jane  1881Sundridge, Kent I223
17 Gasson, Mary Jane  1881Sundridge, Kent I223
18 Gasson, May  1886Sundridge, Kent I225
19 Gasson, May  1886Sundridge, Kent I1301
20 Gasson, May  1886Sundridge, Kent I225